Purple Orchid garland for Wedding Reception (1pair) G10


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Product Code: G10
Additional Details: 1.Flowers stay fresh Upto 3 days if Stored properly. 2.Orchid stay fresh for longer time. Storage Instructions: Best: After receiving the flowers store them in Refrigerator (Where fruits and flowers are stored) not in Freezer (Where Ice is made). Flowers can be fresh upto 3 days if refrigerated under 3 – 10 Degree C 2nd Best: Keep it in A/c Room 3rd Best: If neither Refrigerator nor A/c is available. Pl Spray/Sprinkle some cold water on Flowers & keep it in shade in open area with good ventilation NOTE: Never keep flowers in direct sunlight or near any other source of excessive heat. All flowers benefit from a daily mist of water.


Elevate your wedding, engagement, or reception with the allure of our handcrafted purple orchid garlands. These unique floral arrangements not only add beauty to your special day but also symbolize love and unity, making your celebration even more meaningful. The specialty of orchid flowers in our garlands lies in their elegant, long-lasting beauty, serving as a perfect reminder of your cherished moments. Make your wedding unforgettable with our exquisite orchid garlands.

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Additional information


1 pair




Purple Orchids

Used For

wedding, Engagement, Reception


Garland Length

2.5ft (30cm)


1.2 kg

Bottom Locket Length

3-5 inch (Approximate